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 "Rodney Noffsinger and his amazing band have a great shot of being something big"- Wes LuAllen: Pop, Rinse, Repeat.


With an eight song EP released, their second single setting the airwaves ablaze and a third due in 2014, Regulation Nine founding members Rodney Noffsinger, Lee Darby, Vincent Peer & Jeff Wall hit the ground running and gained a lot of momentum.  The momentum carried them through the recent loss of their bass player, Jeff Wall.  With the addition of Chris Sanderford on rhythm guitar and Victor Crabtree playing bass, the band has been hard at work and will resume playing live shows in July 2014.

"Regulation Nines writing showcases a tenacious construction of instrumentality.  It is adrenaline-fueled and in it, it's audience reciprocates a similar energetic wonder."-Kat Parkins: Loud Stuff

Pulling from influences in every genre of music, Regulation Nine is taking the world by storm with thier brand of modernized 90's hard rock.  Topping off the bands freshman year was a nomination for Sunset Island Music's Band of the Year and Rodney Noffsinger's award for 2014 Male Vocalist of the Year. 

"Make no mistake, this Nashville based band can put the hurt on a set of speakers and likely will do the same to the music charts when it's inevitable breakthrough occurs.-Michael Rampa: High Octane Music News. 




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